For certain problems, the solutions do not exist..
They have yet to be invented...

The driving principle of Maxwell Bohr is that certain solutions are yet to be invented for certain business needs. Based on this principle, Maxwell Bohr emerged in the technological scene as an engineering firm specialized in designing and implementing platforms for a wide range of businesses including public safety, education, and aerospace. Pushing technological boundaries is a daily reality in Maxwell Bohr. Whether by helping large companies improve their production processes or by spearheading unprecedented initiatives, Maxwell Bohr continues to expand a panoramic hi-tech solutions business in defiance of the myth that Brazil is only an exporter of commodities.


Turning an idea into a consumer product or service requires both scientific knowledge as well as the comprehension of market realities. While the enterprise relies on many partners, the different production phases should be preconsidered in the design of the product in order to turn it into a successful business in today’s market. Maxwell Bohr design builds the bridge between science business world.


Since the old image of the scientist in the laboratory, confined and oblivious to their world, does not survive the challenges of the new millennium, Maxwell Bohr is a team that moves beyond the conventional parameters of science. Creating a new product requires the knowledge of management, trend analysis, equating costs, studying habits, and establishing partnerships. Only then the technology can come to life from the drawing board.


Science will always be the great driving force of any society, and for Maxwell Bohr, innovation considers the production, partnerships, and end users. This means more than inventing. Maxwell Bohr believes and invests in that concept.

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